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Terms and conditions
1. Copyright

cambodiaferrybooking.com (Company Registration No.0905560003303) cambodiaferrybooking.com is the sole owner or lawful license of all right to www.cambodiaferrybooking.com

2. Confirmation

Customers are responsible to make sure the selection on travelling date, time and destination are correct before making payment. By making payment and the issuance of Order Summary/Booking number/ Itinerary, the seats are confirmed immediately. All passengers above the age of 3 years old will be required to purchase a seat.

3. Cancellations and Refunds

Refund is not possible in any circumstances if the travel date less than 48 hours. More than 48 hours the cancellation fee will be deducted.

4. Validity

Ferry voucher is issued in the passenger’s name which is personal and non-transferable. It is valid only for the date and the trip for which it was issued.

5. Check –in

All Passenger(s) has to contact to check-in at the counter at least 30 minutes in advance before departure time.

For foreign tourists might take more time at immigration so it is passenger(s) responsibility to make sure you can reach it on time before the ferry leaves. If passenger fail to board on time, passenger has to arrange your own transport to the destination.

In case a customer is more than the total that stated on the voucher or infant ages is over than boat company conditions , the boat company will charge the difference of amount from a customer right away at the counter.

6. Ferry voucher

The voucher will send to you on e-mail when your booking is completed. If you have not received the voucher, please contact us by email or phone call to inform us the issues. Our customer support team will assist you to check and resend the voucher.

Please print the voucher or screen shot on your phone to show to the staff.

7. No Show

If you fail to board on time or by the time the ferry departs, you will still be charged the entire amount and the fare is not refunded.

8. Passenger’s ticket conditions

Company is not responsible for any delay for boarding, deviation or modification of the scheduled route, due to bad weather conditions or pier authority orders. Passengers are entitled to carry maximum 2 pieces of baggage and maximum weight of the total luggage is 15 kilograms. The company is not responsible for any damage or loss of luggage retained under passenger’s personal care during the trip.

9. Shuttle Companies Rights

Shuttle Company reserves the right to change or amend the itineraries without prior notice. Van/Bus seating depending on company design. cambodiaferrybooking.com will not responsible for any sudden change in van/bus schedules and customer waiting at the wrong boarding/pick-up point.

10. Request on Van/Bus Seating Requirement

Company will provide the van/bus that are either self-owned or on charter from third parties. Company makes reasonable efforts to deliver the type of vehicle accord to what the customer booked for. However, the company reserves the right to replace, downgrade or upgrade the vehicle type booked by the customers in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The company will not be held responsible for any contingent cost incurred by the customer arising from the van/bus delay.

All passengers above the age of 3 years old will be required to purchase a seat. The company shall not be responsible for any legal implications resulted from passengers not complying with the regularities.

11. cambodiaferrybooking.com Legal Notice

cambodiaferrybooking.com will not liable and will not refund due to any action carried out by our ferry/shuttle company partners, or any event happens at our partner’s side. For instances, cambodiaferrybooking.com will not be responsible for any sudden change from ferry company or shuttle company , seat number(s), schedules, departure date & time, arrival date & time; loss or accident incurred while taking the ferry/shuttle or no ferry/shuttle service provided. However, customer may complain to us, and we will take necessary actions to prevent such things from happen again in the future.

cambodiaferrybooking.com will not include the following responsible of ;

(a) Ferry/Shuttle not departing / reaching on time.

(b) Maintaining the quality of Ferry/Shuttle, staff behavior and punctuality.

(c) Ferry/Shuttle operator canceling the service due to unavoidable reasons.

(d) The baggage of the customer getting lost / stolen / damaged.

(e) The customer waiting at the wrong boarding point/pick-up point (please call the ferry/shuttle operator to find out the exact boarding point).

(f) The Ferry/Shuttle operator changing the boarding point and/or using a pick-up vehicle (i.e : van transfer) at the boarding point to take customers to the ferry departure point.

(g) cambodiaferrybooking.com is not be responsible for any sudden change in Ferry/Shuttle, schedules, departure date & time, arrival date & time; loss or accident incurred while taking ferry/shuttle.